Pilot equipment for crystalline nanocellulose

Crystalline nanocellulose has many interesting material characteristics and can be used as e.g. building materials, biocomposites, printed electronics and colour additives. The activities in the future pilot are based on technology from the Israeli company Melodea. The pilot will be the first of its kind in Europe and is an important step for those companies interested in developing crystalline nanocellulose from cellulose based material on a large scale. Apart from pure research and upscaling, it is also important to be able to produce enough amounts of crystalline nanocellulose.

The pilot is owned by Processum, Holmen, MoRe Research and Melodea, but other parts of the RISE group are also highly involved in this collaboration. The CNC pilot is situated the same premises as Biorefinery Demo Plant.

The pilot is supported financially via the County Government Västernorrland, Holmen, the Kempe Foundations, RISE and the Önnesjö Foundation.

For more information, please contact:
 Karin Johnson, tel. +46 10 516 67 68, E-mail: karin.johnson(at)processum.se

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