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We work with projects all the way from laboratory to demonstration scale

Our ability and experience in working with projects in close cooperation with the industry all the way from laboratory to demonstration scale, has made us unique and internationally renowned for biorefinery development from wood raw material. We have a wide range of laboratory and analysis instruments, within organic chemistry and biotechnology, a diverse set of pilots and a demonstration plant for biorefinery trials. 

Processum has during several years built up a pilot park with equipment for biorefinery projects. The pilot park consists of pilots for thermochemical pre-treatment, biochemical processes, thermochemical syntheses as well as pilots for down-stream processing. A wide range of bio raw material, such as wood as well as industrial residual streams and rest products in pilot scale, can be converted to e.g. green materials, protein, bioenergy and chemicals. Additionally there are also pilots for algae trials, viscose spinning, torrefaction and drying trials.

In the demonstration plant Biorefinery Demo Plant, successful pilot trials can be tested in order to develop the process in an industry environment. The demonstration plant is also used for production of products for evaluation of possible applications, market introduction etc. The Biorefinery Demo Plant is situated in Örnsköldsvik and soon there will also be a pilot for production of nanocristalline cellulose. A demonstration plant for torrefaction of wood raw material is situated at Bioendev in Umeå.

As a subsidiary of RISE Research Institutes of Sweden we also have access to the institute’s resources in the form of laboratories and other pilots and demonstration facilities.

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