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Our main activities focuses on different industry related research projects, from small verification projects to great international project platforms within the biorefinery area. Apart from supporting and participating in individual time-limited projects, Processum also gathers parties from the industry and academy, from Sweden as well as from other countries, to participate in large projects which run for several years. Examples of large projects in which Processum has acted or is acting as project leader, on its own or together with others, are The Biorefinery of the Future, Forest Chemistry, Centre Biorefinery Next Step, Biorefinery Mid-Scandinavia, Bioraff-More from the tree, Bioraff 2020 and Bioraff Botnia.

In addition, Processum actively participates to a greater or lesser extent in large national and international projects. Examples of such projects are Mobile FlipErifore, Polynol, Forest Refine, MicroFeed, Sunlibb/Ceprobio, NanoSelect and Wobama.

Despite the project that is being conducted, it is important for us that all parties feel safe. In order to ensure this, we always protect the project by issuing project agreements. Processum also has a patent engineer with legal expertise who assists in formulating agreements as well as in patenting project results.

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