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We carry customer biorefinery projects all the way from laboratory scale trials via pilot plants to demo scale in an industrial environment. Processum has a wide range of competences, especially within biotechnology, flow chemistry, organic chemistry and energy, which is applied on the development of products from forest raw material as well as from residual streams and materials from the biobased process industry. We also have a number of pilots and have access to even more. In addition to our own infrastructure and competence we have access to competence networks inside and outside the RISE group.

The art of the orders varies, it can be everything from testing ideas on a small scale, so called screening, to large research projects where an idea is brought all the way to processes similar to those in industry. Other orders could be tests in one or more of our pilots as a complement to the customer’s own equipment or to produce enough of a substance for market tests or for continued development by us inhouse.

With our experience and technical possibilities to refine biological raw material as well as a network of industry, institutes and academia in Sweden and internationally we give you as a customer unique possibilities to develop products and processes based on renewable raw material. Under Project you can find short descriptions of our public biorefinery projects, showing the range of our knowledge. We carry out customer specific projects as well as research projects within the areas Green chemicals, Industrial biotechnology, Energy, Products from residual streams, Materials, Raw material and Smart processes.

Customer specific projects are never shown on our homepage, they belong to the client. Customer orders are treated with strict confidentiality and a confidentiality agreement is written for each one. General trade rules applies.

If you would like to get in touch for discussions or an offer, please contact: 
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