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Processum performs custom assignments from companies, members, universities and institutes. The assignments are treated with the utmost secrecy and the cooperation projects are clearly regulated in project agreements. We assist our customers with research and development to find new solutions and products based on renewable wood raw material as well as industrial residual streams and rest material. Our competences and our pilot equipment make it possible to take care of development projects as well as limited production of substances for further use.

We have access to big networks in the biorefinery area and can connect new ideas with companies and academy in the networks, nationally as well as internationally. As a subsidiary of RISE Research Institutes of Sweden, we are part of a large research network and are able to guide project ideas to units and researchers with other competence than those we have. Our cluster works as a test site for new innovations and ideas in the biorefinery area.

At Processum we have patent competence and many years of experience in conducting cooperation projects as well as customer assignments.

Moreover, through our R&D council we have the possibility to identify and support promising project ideas within the biorefinery area.

If you want to discuss your ideas and needs, please contact:
Gunnar Westin, telephone +46 10 516 67 57, e-mail: gunnar.westin(at)

RISE Processum AB
Box 70, SE-891 22
Phone: +46 10-516 67 50
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