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The last entry date for proposals to the next Processum R&D Council is 12 February 2021.

Information and templates will soon be updated below. In meantime, for questions regarding submission of proposals to the R&D Council, please contact our project leader Liselotte Uhlir This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

Collaborative activities within the framework of the R&D Council

The aim of the R&D Council is to encourage new ideas for products and processes within the biorefinery area. Through the R&D Council, members of Processums Interest Association as well as other companies and organizations can receive support for carrying out interesting R&D activities together with Processum.

Processum is always looking to promote ideas for new R&D projects and activities. We encourage to contact our staff to discuss ideas, for advice on whether your idea fits within the R&D Council or if we can help you further in any other way.

The proposals to the R&D Council can be of varying nature, from complete project proposals that can be evaluated and decided upon immediately, to ideas at an early stage where feedback is needed from the R&D council regarding potential and project scope.

The R&D council members as well as its chairman are appointed by the Processum board. The council consists of representatives for company stakeholders, regional universities and the CEO of RISE Processum AB. The Council meets approximately four times a year.

We strongly advice contacting Processum’s staff for advice and discussion within good time while working on proposals for R&D activities. Remember to pay close attentions to the formalities, in order to avoid time consuming re-referrals!

Templates and instructions

R&D Council Evaluation criteria

Terms and Conditions for approved R&D Council activities

Template for project proposal

Template for final report

Patent policy

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