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The Biorefinery of the Future The Biorefinery of the Future is a regional VINNVÄXT initiative, and a hub for forest biorefinery development. Anything that can be made out of oil can be done better from wood! The goal is to create higher values from our forest resources based on industry needs as well as to contribute to the bioeconomic growth in the region.

The Biorefinery of the Future involves companies, public sector and universities in the Västernorrland county and Västerbotten region. By using the residual streams from the forest and from the industry as raw material, both processes and projects aim to meet the energy and climate challenges of today and of tomorrow. In addition, the Biorefinery of the Future drive for cooperation and networking makes the project internationally attractive.

Environmental and climate thinking is not the only goal for the Biorefinery of the Future – it is a way of working. The base for long-term regional and national growth is created by focusing on sustainable development.

Is your company biorefinery driven or are you a curious researcher who wants to be part of our common growth initiative? You are most welcome to contact:

Magnus Hallberg, CEO, Processum as well as process leader for the Biorefinery of the Future

Telephone +46 10 516 67 63, e-mail: magnus.hallberg(at)

Our financiers:

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