Processum is continuously working on many different projects, all of them part of the biorefinery development going on within the cluster. In the list below you can search for information about present as well as finished projects. Projects not found here have pending patent applications.

Namn Area Start date End date
4P00060-30 From log to biorefinery products in pilot and demo scale Smart Processes,Raw Materials 2016-01 Ongoing
4P00060-24 Robust grinding for online evaluation of strength properties of kraft fibres Smart Processes 2015-12 2016-09
4P00060-20 New process for adjustment of viscosity of cellulose Smart Processes, Green Chemicals 2015-11 Ongoing
4P00060-17 PED- Virtual sensor for online measurement of dry contents in continuous drying processes Smarta Processer, Energi, Smart Processes, Energy 2015-10 2016-03
4P00060-23 Optimized Usage of additives in the Viscose Process Smart Processes,Green Chemicals 2015-04 2016-06
4P00060-09 Hydrothermal treatment of industrial solid wastes under subcritical conditions Smart Processes, Products from Residual Streams 2014-09 2015-04
4P00060-06 Small-scale gasification-based fuel production Smart Processes, Energy 2014-06 2015-06
400004-05 Value chain: Cellulose based biopolyeten Smart Processes, Industrial Biotechnology 2014-05 2015-06
4P00001-15 Development of method for determination of moisture absorption characteristics of torrefiesd biomass Smart Processes, Energy 2014-02 ongoing
4P00003-16 Lignin från black liquor by use of membrane technology Smart Processes, Green Chemicals, Products from Residual Streams 2014-02 Ongoing
5122 Optimized aggregation for increased dewatering and reduced pressure loss during fibrous biomass conversion Smart Processes 2013-11
5116 Pilot Scale Solvolysis of Kraft Lignin Smart Processes 2013-10
5115 Pre-study: Verification of the use of on-line real-time corrosion probes in Biorefinery Demo Plant (BDP) and Processums new pre-treatment reactor Smart Processes 2013-10 2015-09
5108 Additives in the Viscose Process Smart Processes 2013-09
5103 Further development of DotEye Smart Processes 2013-08 2015-01
5112 Difference between fiber rejects and cellulose regarding crystallinity of cellulose I / II Smart Processes 2013-08
5111 Recovery of Fibres and Fines Smart Processes 2013-06
5097 New technique for separation ang pumping of fibres in suspension Smart Processes, Energy 2013-05 2015-04
5075 Pree study regarding system for reducing SO2-emmissions from ships Smart Processes, Energy 2012-09 2013-12
5068 Optimizing the production of gas from the Domsjö bio treatment. Smart Processes, Raw Materials, Industrial Biotechnology, Products from Residual Streams, Energy 2012-06

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