Processum is continuously working on many different projects, all of them part of the biorefinery development going on within the cluster. In the list below you can search for information about present as well as finished projects. Projects not found here have pending patent applications.

Namn Area Start date End date
4P00060-30 From log to biorefinery products in pilot and demo scale Smart Processes,Raw Materials 2016-01 Ongoing
4P00060-16 Needs, requirements and customer benefits of textile from the Swedish forest Material 2015-08 2016-04
4P00060-14 Autotrophic and heterotrophic algae cultivation in industrial waste streams: characterization of the biomass quality Raw Materials, Industrial Biotechnology 2014-12 2016-08
4P00001-23 PuGöG - increased added value in the future biorefinery with fresh tips and branches Raw Materials, Green Chemicals 2014-06 2015-09
4P00003-18 Costs and quality in the production of larger chip fractions Raw Materials, Energy 2014-04 2015-03
5123 Pilot scale chip cutting Raw Materials 2013-11
5099 Biogas as vehicle fuel - Is the market ready? Raw Materials 2013-06
5068 Optimizing the production of gas from the Domsjö bio treatment. Smart Processes, Raw Materials, Industrial Biotechnology, Products from Residual Streams, Energy 2012-06
5070 Bench marking of dissolving cellulose from Domsjö. Material 2012-05 2013-04
5067 Improved control of Domsjö industrial area’s biological treatment, DP1 – Capacity evaluation of the whole plant Smart Processes, Raw Materials 2012-03 2012-08
5059 Raw material classification of biofuels Raw Materials 2012-02 2012-09
5023 Production of a test series of the plywood substitute Material 2011-08 2012-12
5015 Construction manual Material 2011-06 Underway
5003 Cellulose based plywood substitute Material 2010-11 2012-12
4078 Fine fraction Raw Materials 2009-11 2012-10
4059 Cellulose from hemp Raw Materials 2009-01 2009-12
4090 SiOx part 2 Material, Products from Residual Streams

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