Processum is continuously working on many different projects, all of them part of the biorefinery development going on within the cluster. In the list below you can search for information about present as well as finished projects. Projects not found here have pending patent applications.

Namn Area Start date End date
4P00060-29 Bark extraction - extract to cosmetics and paint Green Chemicals 2016-01 2016-09
4P00060-28 HTL-Processes Green Chemicals 2016-01 Ongoing
4P00060-25 Co-incineration of bio-sludge from pulp mills in bubbling fluidised bed Green Chemicals, Products from Residual Streams 2015-12 2016-08
4P00060-20 New process for adjustment of viscosity of cellulose Smart Processes, Green Chemicals 2015-11 Ongoing
4P00060-22 / 4P00092 Antimicrobial components of bark, extraction and evaluation Industrial Biotechnology, Green Chemicals 2015-08 2016-04
4P00060-23 Optimized Usage of additives in the Viscose Process Smart Processes,Green Chemicals 2015-04 2016-06
4P00060-18 Reduction products from furfural and HMF Green Chemicals 2015-01 2016-01
4P00060-08 SUPAHYP Green Chemicals 2014-10 2016-03
4P00001-23 PuGöG - increased added value in the future biorefinery with fresh tips and branches Raw Materials, Green Chemicals 2014-06 2015-09
4P00001-18 Study of effects of pretreatment of lignin from ethanol production for production of boards Green Chemicals, Products from Residual Streams 2014-05 Ongoing
4P00060-11 Production of Na-Cellulose Raw Materials, Industrial Biotechnology, Green Chemicals 2014-04 Ongoing
4P00003-16 Lignin från black liquor by use of membrane technology Smart Processes, Green Chemicals, Products from Residual Streams 2014-02 Ongoing
5121 CMF Production from Cellulose Green Chemicals 2013-11 2014-06
5106 Synthesis of ethyl chloride from ethanol Green Chemicals 2013-08
5110 Modifcation of hemicellulose Green Chemicals, Products from Residual Streams 2013-07
5109 Evaluation of Raman spectroscopy for chemical characterization of biofuels Green Chemicals 2013-07
5095 Analysis of extractive - development and refinement Green Chemicals, Products from Residual Streams 2013-05
5083 Solvolysis of Kraft Lignin Green Chemicals, Products from Residual Streams 2013-01
5081 Cellulose reinforced ABS-plastic Green Chemicals, Products from Residual Streams 2012-11
5076 Degree project: Derivatisation of betulin Green Chemicals 2012-09 2013-03

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