Forest chemistry was a project between the forest and chemical industries with the aim of evaluating the possibilities for forest companies to deliver bio raw material to chemical companies. The project phase B, comprised a pre-FEED study where three value chains were evaluated - methanol, butane and olefins – as well as two platforms, gasification and sugar. The project aim was provide answers to how wood raw material can be converted into chemistry building blocks and which values can be reached; both from a business and a climate point of view.

The project ran for two years. It was partly financed by Vinnova with 10 million SEK for phase B and by the participating companies with the same sum. The studies included process layout, logistic issues and business models, i.e. all you need to know to be able to decide whether it is worth going on or if it is better to give up. The final report was ready in December 2014. The project also focused on system analysis, sustainability, integration possibilities, logistics and business models from a holistic prospective. Long-term solutions from forest to finished green plastics or material was the ultimate goal.

The project Forest chemistry participants were AGA, AkzoNobel, Bio4Energy, Borealis, Chalmers, Domsjö Fabriker, Holmen, Ineos, MoRe Research, Perstorp, Processum, SCA, SEKAB, Sveaskog and Umeå University.

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Reports produced within the project
Skogskemi - final report

Gasification platform
Sugar platform
Systems analysis

To be published 
Methanol value chain
Butanol value chain

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