Project Centre Biorefinery Next Step focuses on up scaling in mainly four areas. These are biotechnology, energy processes, green chemicals and processing of residual streams. In each of these areas there are a number of promising research projects which relatively quickly could be used commercially provided that up scaling trials are successful.

Industrial biotechnology comprises processes where microorganisms and enzymes are used as tools. The focus is on further processing of lignocellulose and industrial residual streams through biotechnology processes.

Energy processes deals with those which improve the prerequisites for profitable and energy efficient biorefinery activities e.g. by using low value energy and energy in residual streams as well as available renewable energy.

Green chemicals are for instance organic synthesis chemistry, purification and upgrading of complex mixtures, development of biocomposite materials, process development and further development of current chemicals within the cluster.

Processing of residual streams from the large mills supports cooperation between the companies and universities with emphasis on using materials which currently are not used.

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