Forest fish, the fish of the future is growing on trees

Forest fish bild lgThe aim of the project is to create a new value chain "from forest to the table" with the final goal to build up pilot infra structure to be able to demonstrate the whole value chain around the circular production system forest-fish feed-farmed fish-forest fertilizer. The project is rethinking Swedish food production as process streams from the forest industry are turned into food via fish feed at the same time as an action plan for a local pisciculture market is created.

The Vinnova program "Utmaningsdriven innovation" offers financial support in three steps. In a first step 36 projects have been chosen by Vinnova, out of which "Forest fish, the fish of the future is growing on trees" is one. Projects with good results have the possibility to go further in steps two and three.

In the first part of the project parties from the whole value chain "forest to table" work together to investigate the prerequisites for a circular and sustainable production of farmed fish based on Nordic conditions. The project will be finished in January 2017 when the possibilities for a continuation in the next step will be described.

The project leader for "Forest fish, the fish of the future is growing on trees" is Niklas Berglin, NiNa Innovation, and project partners apart from Processum are Domsjö Fabriker, RAISIOagro, Sweco, SLU and Vattenbrukscentrum Norr. 

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