The project was focused on applied and industry-relevant research and innovation (R&I). Dedicated partners from both Sweden and Finland implemented a joint project, in which the results were made available to companies on both sides of the Gulf of Bothnia. By applying biotechnology and chemistry know-how the forest raw material like residues from forest industries, forest raw material and sawmill by-products, were utilized for development of new products, chemicals and materials.

One of the areas studied was how oil produced from forest raw material could be upgraded to chemicals or transportation fuels by treating lignin in a hydrothermal liquefaction (HTL) pilot. The results are promising but require further investigation, both in semi-batch and continuous production mode. Bioraff Botnia has proven that HTL is an interesting process in utilising forest raw material from different sources in order to produce bio-oil and biochar e.g. as activated carbon.

Another activity was aiming at finding suitable extraction conditions to obtain value-added products like soft and hard foams from bark residues or other components. The knowledge of the raw material and extraction parameters will be utilized in the new Interreg-project Green Bioraff Solutions.

A start-up company initiated the idea to develop new and cost-competitive technologies in collaboration with partners from the forest and plastic industries. The idea was verified in the project and a larger consortium with institutes and industrial partners has been set up. The consortium was successful in a Vinnova application and is now running a project to develop a composite using current infrastructure and renewable materials.

Right from the start Bioraff Botnia has been based on the needs from the industry and possible opportunities for new products and processes. The project has created new networks between Swedish and Finnish partners, brought innovative product and process ideas based on renewable forest raw material closer to the market and initiated new projects and cooperation in the region.

The project partners were Centria, Chydenius and Processum


Bioraff Botnia - Final Report

Furans from biomass - Production, applications and techno economic potential

Extractives in the Scandinavian pulp and paper industry - Current and possible future applications

For more information about Bioraff Botnia, please contact:
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