We welcome Rabia Ayub, who from the beginning of August has been working at Processum as a researcher in the chemistry group. Rabia has a broad knowledge in the field of chemistry and has a doctorate in organic chemistry from Uppsala University. I have developed deep understanding and expertise in organic synthesis, computational chemistry, and organic photochemistry. During my time as a postdoctoral fellow at Stockholm University, I worked on designing new electrochemical routes for lignin depolymerization. I look forward to using my experiences and working to develop new renewable and sustainable solutions, says Rabia.

Born and raised in Pakistan, Rabia moved to Sweden and Uppsala in 2013, when she was awarded an Erasmus Mundus PhD scholarship. – I have always been open to learning new things and new experiences and was very happy when I received a scholarship and an opportunity to study at one of the world's foremost universities in the area.

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When the position as a researcher at Processum appeared in Rabia's LinkedIn feed in the spring of 2020, it sparked her curiosity and she decided to apply for the position – We know that we must switch to sustainable alternatives and that we must find new ways to produce them. I want to use my knowledge and work within that transition, says Rabia. – I looked at Processum's website and saw that here they work very close to the industry and with projects that are needs-driven. It caught my interest.

It turned out to be a good match with the skills and background that was sought after at Processum and since the beginning of August, Rabia has been working as a researcher in the chemistry group and is involved in several projects. One of them is "Green Bioraff Solutions", where activated carbon is produced from hydrolysis lignin and tannin-based foams are produced from bark. – We are very happy for the recruitment of Rabia to Processum. With her background, she strengthens our competence in organic chemistry and specifically our lignin research, says Marie-Louise Wallberg, head of the chemistry group at Processum. Another area where Rabia's expertise will be very valuable is within HTL (Hydrothermal liquefaction). – It is an exciting area where we see many opportunities, says Marie-Louise Wallberg

Rabia describes herself as curious and open to trying new things and accept new challenges. Her first arrival in Sweden when she moved to Uppsala in 2013, however, was in stark contrast to her everyday life in Lahore, Pakistan's second largest city. – When I arrived in Sweden, my first thought was that no one lives here! I'm from a very large city, where you have to maneuver to get around on the street or in shopping malls. In that way, it was like coming to a completely different world, Rabia remembers. But life in Sweden and the opportunities it offers for new nature experiences suit Rabia very well. Spending time in nature and the forest is something she really appreciates. Cooking and cycling are two other interests – I love trying new things, new dishes and meeting new people! When I visited Processum in Örnsköldsvik, it was the first time I was so far north in Sweden. I saw the mountains and it was incredible. I did not know that northern Sweden was so beautiful! Being close to nature, the mountains and the forest, I should have come here earlier!

We are very happy that Rabia has joined us at Processum and warmly welcome her.

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