From 1 June, Payam Ghiaci has joined the biotechnology group at Processum as a senior researcher. Originally from Iran, Payam has a diverse scholarly background “I studied civil engineering for one year at university, but one year in I thought this was not something I wanted to do for my whole life, so I switched to chemical engineering. Eventually I took some optional courses in microbiology as well, and that was actually the first time I moved towards biotech”, says Payam.


Payam moved to Sweden in 2006 to study for a master’s degree and PhD at Chalmers University of Technology in Gothenburg. However, in parallel to his PhD, Payam also studied social sciences at University of Gothenburg “It was a very unique experience that I am very happy I chose to do. The program was called ‘Global Studies’. The extent to which we are interconnected nowadays and the hybridity of our identities is just unprecedented and comprehending this as the essence of our era, has been very helpful to me in my interactions both at the workplace and in life in general. Many of the issues we are trying to solve in our research are global challenges that we face all together, and my background in social sciences is a resource to me in that regard as well”

After his PhD, Payam did a postdoc at University of Gothenburg and a second postdoc at EMBL in Heidelberg Germany. He has also spent a summer at Statoil Research Center in Trondheim Norway and done scale-up experiments in Tarragona, Spain. “I have been moving around quite a bit”, as Payam says. It was a former colleague at Chalmers who tipped him off about the position at Processum and from the beginning of June, Payam now lives in Örnsköldsvik. One of his focus areas at Processum will be to set up a highthroughput laboratory and establish more research in the field of molecular biology at Processum “We are very happy to have succeeded in recruiting Payam to the biotechnology group. Payam will, among other things, contribute to the development of the molecular biology field within which we see great opportunities in the future”, says Björn Alriksson, head of the biotechnology group at Processum.

Another interesting experience Payam has had is that during the end of his PhD he started a start-up “I worked with Chalmers Ventures and quite a few innovation centers in Gothenburg and also in Heidelberg”. Payam describes it as an uplifting experience that he thinks will give him an insight understanding the work Processum does in the innovation system.  

Payam also hopes to take advantage of the network of contacts that he has built up through his travels and studies to bring new collaborations and projects. “The projects at Processum are unique in the sense that they are 100% industrially motivated. That is the main difference from other places I have been at. The scale of facilities we have here are rather unique as well, I should say, and from what I have seen they are world class”, says Payam.

In his spare time Payam likes to play the piano, but has yet to find one in Örnsköldsvik. He is also very much into reading poems “As someone coming from Iran, poetry is in our blood, so to say”, says Payam. Photography is another interest and combining poems with images he feels adds another dimension.

We wish Payam a warm welcome to Processum!

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