This Tuesday RISE Processum hosted a CNC Workshop arranged together with More Research. CNC pilot co-owners Holmen and Israeli start-up company Melodea also participated together with leading experts and stakeholders from industry, institutes and academia.

The workshop aimed to extend the network of CNC stakeholders established within the TinyBTalented project (TBT). “By putting together leading research, competence and market stakeholders to share and discuss experiences, applications for CNC and possible future collaborations we strongly believe that this project contributes to forming an innovation hub for CNC-application research around the pilot”, says Liselotte Uhlir and Karin Johnson project managers for TBT, from RISE Processum.

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 Clarite Azerraf, CTO Melodea and Shaul Lapidot, CEO Melodea

The TinyBTalented was initiated by the four collaborating partners establishing the CNC pilot in Örnsköldsvik, More Research, Holmen, Melodea and Processum. It contains research regarding NanoCellulose and chrystalline Nano Cellulose and networking activities. The TBT collaboration connects competence, partners, and market stakeholders, it builds networks and creates an innovation hub for CNC-application research.

Key Note speaker of the day was Dr. Tiffany Abitbol, who with great enthusiasm shared her passion for CNC with a guide through the historical development of CNC as well as todays research. She has been working with CNC all over the world with presence across three different continents and never gets bored with watching her micrographs, ”I think they are so beautiful”, she says.CNC has so many possibilities. When my parents ask me what I do, I say I work with CNC. When they then ask -What do you do with it? I say: to everything! Not a very satisfying answer but what else can you say about a material with such an enormous potential?”, says Dr Tiffany Abitbol

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Dr Tiffany Abitbol, RISE Research Institutes of Sweden

Tiffany was followed by Dr Shaul Lapidot, CEO of Melodea, who started Melodea in 2012 together with Tord Gustafsson and prof. Oded Shoseyov. Dr Lapidot described their development journey from start in the laboratory, a small pilot in Israel, how Holmen got involved in Melodea, the work with up-scaling of the process and the technique which the pilot in Örnsköldsvik now is based upon.

During the day the participants also got to hear about the pilot plant in Örnsköldsvik from the owner’s point of view, the four owners represented by Anders Norén, Head of Development at Holmen. Research results from the pilot studies in the TBT-project were presented and an important highlighting of the need for extended research regarding safety. Karin Broberg from KI presented research gaps and the recently started the project NanoCellRisk aiming to study the work environment and risk to man at nanocellulose production sites in the coming years.

Workshop discussions regarding needs and expectations from the pilot, possible future collaborations and a guided visit of the pilot was held by Dr Clarite Azerraf from Melodea. The day was summarized by the hosts of the day Dr Karin Johnson RISE Processum and Dr Anna Svedberg, MoRe Research who concluded that the establishment of the CNC-pilot will be of great importance for the development of new biobased materials in the current transition to a fossil a free environment.

The pilot plant for production of CNC based on Melodea's technology, which has been built on the site in Örnsköldsvik. The plant is the first of its kind in Europe and is an important step for enabling large scale production of crystalline nanocellulose for research and industrial development applications.

The pilot is owned by RISE Processum, Holmen, MoRe Research and Melodea. The facility is supported financially via the County of Västernorrland, Holmen, the Kempestiftelsen, RISE and Önnesjöstiftelsen.

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