JOnas F hemsidan

Jonas Fahrni has taken the leap from Thun in Switzerland to Örnsköldsvik and Processum. Since 1 June he is employed as R&D engineer at the Chemistry group, where he will primarily work on the HTL project. The reasons for moving to Örnsköldsvik is an interesting job, experience from working abroad and not least the possibilities to go skiing, running and cycling.

“In Switzerland we have the "Duales Bildungssystem" which mainly means that theoretic education is mixed with a period of apprenticeship”, says Jonas Fahrni. “In my case this meant that I studied chemistry three years at Universität Bern while I at the same time worked as laboratory technician. The latter involved doing trials for those working on their dissertations. But I wanted to study more chemistry so I moved on to the so called Swiss Baccalaureate in Switzerland.”

“After six months military service with main focus on athletics I studied chemistry at ZHAW Zürich University for Applied Sciences, which is a practically orientated university. After three years I had my Bachelor and after a further two years my Master of Science in Life Sciences Specialisation Chemistry for the Life Sciences. My examination paper was comprehensive, dealing with silicon as reference material for atmospherical research.”

“I graduated in September 2017 and continued working as assistant until April this year. I then felt that the time had come to find an interesting job abroad and get new experiences. I wanted to go to a Nordic country as I have spent holidays in Sweden and had had a good impression of this country. So I "screened" several Swedish companies and decided on Processum with its interesting focus and a very sympathetic webpage where the staff is shown with happy images. I also wanted the opportunity to train and carry on with sports both winter and summer.”

“I am part of the Chemistry group at Processum and will mainly be working with the HTL pilot plants and run different bio raw material. It feels very exciting with this interesting job but I will also learn a new language and have a broader outlook. I also think it is fun that there is a good mix of different ages and that so many of us are young.”

What do you do in your free time?

“I like training and there are ample opportunities to do that here. I used to do middle distance and cross-country running and was Swiss champion both at the age of 18 and 20. When my university studies took a lot of time I had to reduce the number of competitions at elite level and now it feels good to have the possibility to go skiing, running and cycling in Örnsköldsvik. I have also taken up cross-country running here”, says Jonas Fahrni.

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