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RISE Processum has employed Marie-Louise Wallberg as Project Manager in the Innovation System’s group. Marie-Louise has many years’ experience of development work in cooperation with and within industrial companies connected to the pulp and paper industry.

- Processum has had a fantastic development since I left the site about two years ago, says Marie-Louise Wallberg. As Project Manager I look forward to working ”both high and wide” in projects where different competences cooperate. At the same time I hope to be able to keep in touch with the industry and to see that successful results in our projects materialise into reality.

Marie-Louise took her Master 1998 in chemical engineering at Umeå University. Her interest in the pulp and paper industry arose as a result of her summer jobs at Väja pulp and kraft paper mill.

- During my first summer in Väja I worked in the laboratory but during the second summer there I also did multivariate analysis, Marie-Louise continues. I did my theses at SCA Packaging on how to increase testliner strength. Having graduated I was employed as R&D engineer at MoDo R&D which soon after changed to M-real Technology Centre. For nine years I worked with process and product development in close cooperation with mills in Sweden, Germany, Austria and France. During this period I went from research projects to industry reality, which suited me fine. I want to see the real utility of projects.

- In 2007 I was employed as development engineer for coated paper in Husum paper mill, which was a big unit with substantial development resources. It was a very intensive period with mill trials almost every week. Before I left Husum I was also coordinator for process matters for all three paper machines.

- My interest in personnel management caused me to apply for a job as development manager at SEKAB E-Technology, which was very fun and exciting but also tough as we ended up in a situation where we had to lay off people. A change process started during which I focussed on how to run the Biorefinery Demo Plant, BPD, with the target to create opportunities for continued trials in demonstration scale. During that period SP came in to run the BDP business which meant that I moved to SP, today RISE.

- In 2016 I wanted to develop my managerial skills so I left for Örnsköldsvik municipality to work as department manager for Traffic and Park, at the beginning with responsibility for the operation of roads, parks, forest and nature care and later for Traffic comprising public transports, school transportation, parking and taxi service of disabled. It was very awarding but I missed working with research and development.

- I am happy to be back and I must say that Processum has done a fantastic journey in such a short time. Many more employees, more advanced pilot plants and a broader operations content. What I find very special with this site is the willingness to cooperate across company borders. Companies here support each other, knowing that it is important to stick together in order to develop the industry further. I am glad to be back and I hope to contribute to a continued positive development.

- We are very happy that we have Marie-Louise on board at Processum and our group, says Jonas Joelsson, Group Manager Innovation Systems. We have many researchers in Processum and we now have someone with industrial competence and experiences which we, our partners and customers will greatly benefit from.

- In my leisure time I am much of a ”sports mother” as our two children play both football and floorball. Previously I played football myself, but my football shoes have been shelved. We have a dog, a golden retriever, and it is both relaxing and an opportunity for re-charging taking him on forest walks, Marie-Louise ends.

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