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Shubhankar Bhattacharyya is since August employed as Senior Researcher in RISE Processum’s Chemistry group. He has a solid background in chemistry witha PhD from Defence R & D Establishment, Gwalior in India and a three year postdoc position at Luleå University of Technology.

“When I finished my PhD from Gwalior, India in 2015, I was looking for a postdoc position at a Scandinavian university as I wanted to move to a colder climate,” says Shubhankar Bhattacharyya. “I was born in the northeast part of India and I really don’t like temperatures above 30 °C, so when I got a postdoc position at Luleå University of Technology it was easy to accept.Especially as I am very keen on hiking in mountains and national parks.”

Shubhankar Bhattacharyya has a BSc in Chemistry from City College, Calcutta University during 2003-2006 and an MSc during 2006-2008 in Organic Chemistry from D. B. Science College, RTM Nagpur University in India. The PhD studies were done at the Defence R & D Establishment, Gwalior in India and covered development of novel reagents and methodologies for the synthesis of sulphur, oxygen, nitrogen containing heterocycles as well as new methodologies development for alkylation of amines, oxidative amination of aldehydes.

“The postdoc work focused on ionic liquids as well as on lignin characterization. I did e.g. synthesis, characterization and purification of ionic liquids for CO2 capture, storage and conversion, synthesis and characterization of chelated orthoborate ionic liquids for tribological applications as well as functionalization of lignin by chemical modification.”

“My first task at Processum is to participate in the Cellulose PLA project in which I will set a scale up process to isolate lactic acid produced from forest based sugars and polymerise it into a plastic material, poly lactic acid (PLA). The project is an interesting and nice example of cooperation between Processum’s Chemistry and Biotechnology groups.”

“When I am not at work I am very fond of hiking in mountains and wilderness areas and northern Scandinavia has plenty of it. During my years in Luleå I have been hiking in mountains and wilderness areas in Norway, Sweden and Finland and I am looking forward to explore the world heritage High Coast area around Örnsköldsvik,” Shubhankar finishes.

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