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The Processum group Innovation system has a new employee, Kristina Wickholm from RISE Bioeconomy in Stockholm. She works part time for Processum so every other week she is in Örnsköldsvik and the other weeks at her previous position in Stockholm. At Processum Kristina works partly with implementation of the RISE project model and partly with the project “Glue and Ink” within ”Challenge driven innovation Step 1”.

Kristina Wickholm has a long experience from the forest industry. She started 1986 at STFI, working with cooking and bleaching, and in 1990 she began her chemistry studies at Stockholm University. After her studies she started working at STFI again while at the same time working on her doctoral thesis on cellulose structure. After her dissertation in 2001 she worked as project leader for new fibre based material and worked e.g. on Södra’s DuraPulp project where a well-known demonstrator in the form of a children’s chair was produced.

- I have held several positions at Innventia, e,g. as group manager for New material as well as Sustainable solutions, worked with business development for the unit Paper production and packaging and as project leader, one example is an exciting project with the aim of finding new packaging solutions in order to reduce food waste. One of the solutions is already available in stores. At present I work 50 % as acting manager for the section HPI (Human Product Interaction), a group with competence within e.g. perception and consumer behaviour. This knowledge is principally used within the packaging area but can also be applied on many other areas, such as textiles and new material.

- I work every other week on the Processum group Innovation system and the other weeks at RISE Bioeconomy in Stockholm, which is a very good mix. There are many advantages with building new constellations between different areas of the division Bioeconomy and I want to contribute to that. In my role here I will implement the RISE project model and write project applications, but also work as project leader for the project “Glue and Ink” which is a part of the Vinnova programme ”Challenge driven innovation.

- Processum runs and participates in a number of projects and this means that we need more project leaders, says Jonas Joelsson, group manager Innovation system. -The fact that Kristina works both at Processum and RISE Bioeconomy in Stockholm will lead to further cooperation between these two units, which is beneficial for the whole division.

Kristina Wickholm was born in Köpmanholmen outside Örnsköldsvik and in her late teens she worked at MoDo R&D during the summer vacations from school. Processum can thus boast of yet another home comer, even if it this time is only part time.

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