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Processum strengthens the research capacity of the Biotechnology group from mid-August with the arrival of Lalie Kossatz from South Africa, who will be employed as Scientist. She has a Masters in Microbiology from Stellenbosch University which is well-suited to the projects she will be involved in at Processum.

“After nearly eight years in different laboratory and research positions at Stellenbosch University I regard my work at Processum as a very nice step forward,” says Lalie Kossatz. “Sweden has strong biorefinery ambitions and I like a country that wants to achieve better sustainable conditions.”

Lalie finished her Masters in 2014, which was a successful project to convert triticale (a hybrid of rye and wheat) straw to ethanol. After graduation she worked for five years at Stellenbosch University as laboratory technician and research assistant. The work was a combination of research and hands-on support to the students in the laboratory. On the research side Lalie continued for one and a half year to improve the yield and concentration of ethanol produced from straw. During three years thereafter she started research into the genetic engineering of oil-producing yeast, which was a new research area for the university. She was also involved in the modification of yeast for starch and lactose fermentation to ethanol.

Through a current SEKAB employee, who for a period worked in the same laboratory as I did, I got information that Processum was looking for people with biotechnology competence. So I thought why not, and sent an application and here I am.”

“During the five years I worked in a research laboratory and research is always done in a small scale but here development is done in pilot and demonstration scales, which I find very interesting. Processum has very advanced pilot equipment and I do look forward to be working with it. I like the idea of working in a research institute because you are closer to the industry and can see the final results of the research work.”

“We are proud to have attracted a skilled microbiologist to Processum from as far away as South Africa,” says Björn Alriksson, Group Manager Biotechnology. “Lalie will be a valuable addition to our crew adding her experience and knowledge to ours. The fact that our team, as well as Processum as a whole, is adding international competence is a strength for the future as well as a sign of the quality of our work.

Of course it is a big step for me and my husband to move from South Africa to Sweden but we see good opportunities for us here,” says Lalie. “It is a beautiful and clean country with attractive nature and a good reputation. I will learn Swedish as my third language, in order to get into the Swedish habits, and I have already learned that “fika” is a key thing. In our free time we go walking or running with our dog and we also like to hike. When indoors, I like to read novels, make scrapbooks and bake, which will be an asset when I will be responsible for the “Fredagsfika” at Processum.”

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