Charilaos Xiros has a PhD from National Technical University of Athens and a solid research background from Greece, Sweden and Switzerland with many Charilaos bild hemsidaprojects focusing on bioconversion of lignocellulose to ethanol, chemicals and materials. He is since August 27th employed as Senior Scientist in the Biotechnology group at RISE Processum.

Between April 2005 and December 2009 I did my PhD studies in Industrial Biotechnology”, says Charilaos. “The work focused on evaluation of the enzymatic and microbial system of Fusarium oxysporum concerning the bioconversion of cellulosic and hemicellulosic agro-industrial by-products. An important conclusion of my studies that was the result of kinetic modelling, was that it is necessary to tailor-make each enzyme hydrolysis and fermentation process design, depending on the type of biomass.”

“After my PhD I got a postdoc employment for one and a half year at National Technical University of Athens working within the EU FP7 Project “HYPE”, High Efficiency Consolidated Bioprocess Technology for Lignocellulose Ethanol.”

“Thereafter I wanted to get international experience and got a fulltime researcher position for three and a half year at Chalmers in Gothenburg. It was an interesting and valuable time and I had a Senior Researcher role in several projects involving industrial partners as well. Some examples are “Biobased production of acrylates”, “High Gravity hydrolysis and fermentation of lignocellulosic material for production of biofuels” and “System analysis of lignocellulosic ethanol production via High Solid SSF.”

“In 2015 I started at Bern University of Applied Sciences, Institute of Agricultural, Forest and Food Sciences, Switzerland. My projects involved industrial partners and focussed on microbial consortia in which different microorganisms do different things resulting in production of chemicals like carboxylic acids as fuel precursors or bioethanol.”

How come that you are now working as Senior Researcher at RISE Processum?

“I knew Processum from my time at Chalmers and I heard about this job which I thought fitted my profile and plans. After we discussed with Björn, I was sure the job description was attractive. Luckily, I got the job and here I am. My first task will be to lead a project aiming at developing protein rich food as alternative to meat products, using lignocellulose as the raw material. However, the main focus of my work will be to initiate new projects and establish cooperation national as well as international.”

“I am very satisfied that we have been able to add Charilaos Xiros to our group,” says Björn Alriksson, Group Manager, Biotechnology. “His international research work related to industrial biotechnology fits very nicely into our activities. Charilaos’ international network with researchers and industrial partners is another valuable asset to expand our contacts and opportunities for new collaborations even further.”

What do you do outside work?

“Well, my wife and our eight year old son have just arrived to Örnsköldsvik and we have a lot to discover here. I enjoy reading a lot and I used to play the piano. I play chess and used to be a chess teacher. Coming from Greece I also used to swim a lot in the sea but it remains to be seen how much swimming it will be in the slightly colder sea water here”, Charilaos ends.

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