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There are hidden treasures in residual materials

Residual materials are the end products which are generated in an industrial process apart from the main products of the process. They have often been considered as waste and been sent to landfill or maybe burnt in order to contribute to the process’ energy needs. Examples of residual materials are ash and different kinds of sludge, such as green liquor sludge, fibre sludge and sludge from biological treatment.

 Processum has together with universities, institutes and companies working with residual materials built up comprehensive competence with regards to finding applications for residual materials. Examples of such projects are: Green liquor sludge to cover or be injected into mining waste, Fibre sludge as stable bedding and Ash for cleaning of biogas or for use as fertilizer.

By finding usage for residual materials from industrial processes can, what earlier might have been considered a waste problem, be turned into a source of income.

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