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Chemistry – chemical processes, flow chemistry and hydrothermal liquefaction

The chemistry group focuses its work on a number of areas such as; chemical syntheses in an ATEX classed room, flow chemistry and hydrothermal liquefaction. The ATEX room is equipped with a number of reactors and columns, which are connected with a solid infra structure for process control. A wide range of processes and syntheses can be handled in the ATEX room, in batches as well as continuously.

Flow chemistry is an important tool to transfer batch syntheses to continuous processes in a first upscaling step, which is done in special flow chemistry equipment, Flex-Ex. Another focus area is hydrothermal liquefaction (HTL) of biomass and a safety bunker has been completed in order to be able to handle reactions at high temperatures and high pressure under safe conditions.

The chemistry group currently consists of four PhD and two M.Sc. chemists. Projects in which this group is involved are; Wood methanol, a demonstration project for cleaning of stripper methanol. AgroInlog, where a continuous process for liquefaction is evaluated. You can find more projects in the project list. Some of the customers who have hired our services are IKEA, Tetra Pak and several forestry companies.

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