rise logo rgb Dr44MovSP, Swedish ICT, and Innventia have merged, with the aim of together creating a more united institute sector and becoming a stronger innovation partner for both the Swedish business community and broader society. In 2017 we will officially change our name to RISE. Pia Sandvik is the MD of the new macro-institute.

– What is most inspiring about this role is that I have the opportunity to develop the potential of the new RISE. We really have an opportunity to increase our ability to fulfil the needs of clients, Pia Sandvik says.

The new RISE will develop more services that will benefit clients in the long term. In particular, this will be carried out through a broadening of the range of services offered and the development of a system that facilitates better access to the various operations. These developments are in response to feedback we have received, primarily from small- and medium-sized companies.

– Small- and medium-sized companies are incredibly important for Sweden’s economic growth, but often struggle to access research and development. RISE’s experience with assisting clients in defining their problems, together with our wide range of expertise, allows us to work with almost any technology readiness level. In other words, we are better prepared than many other organizations in the field to provide excellent support for the development of small- and medium-sized companies, Pia Sandvik says.

The process of creating the new RISE will take place gradually, over the course of the years to come. In 2017 all of the institutes* will change their name to RISE. The headquarters will be established in Gothenburg. The new RISE will be organized as six divisions: RISE Bioeconomy, RISE Built Environment, RISE ICT, RISE Life Science, RISE Safety & Transport and RISE Certification.

Some institutes will continue to be part-owned subsidiaries and retain their current names. This concerns, for example, Processum, Asta Zero, Fire Research AS, and PFI AS.

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