To be a member of the Processum Interest Association gives you and your company several advantages:

Access to networks with competence and equipment useful for your own company.

Participation in and the possibility to influence the Processum activities.

The possibility to attend at member meetings and seminars with topical biorefinery issues and at the same time establish new contacts.

Member companies have the possibility to carry out biorefinery projects with the R&D council in collaboration with other companies, universities, institutes or other partners.

Each member company has an appointed Processum contact who assists with project and order support and assistance in the biorefinery area.

Member companies have advantages such as discounts and access to resources like competence and pilot plants.

You can apply for membership either via an e-mail or a letter to Magnus Hallberg or Lars Winter. Membership decisions are taken by the board of the Interest Association. The annual fee is based on the company’s turnover.

 Please feel free to contact us to discuss membership!

Magnus Hallberg, CEO, RISE Processum AB. 
Telephone +46 10 516 67 63, e-mail: magnus.hallberg(at)

Lars Winter, MD Domsjö Fabriker and Chairman of the Processum Interest Association
Telephone +46 660 756 11, e-mail: lars.winter(at)

RISE Processum AB
Box 70, SE-891 22
Phone: +46 10-516 67 50
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