The aim of the Processum Interest Association is to look after and drive the member companies’ interests in RISE Processum AB and its biorefinery development business. The Interest Association holds three out of seven seats in the RISE Processum AB board and also takes part in the R&D council’s activities. This ensures that the members have very high influence on the activities.

The biorefinery area attracts an ever increasing interest, not only from traditional forestry companies and suppliers of products and services to the forest industry but also from companies in other businesses. The Processum Interest Association members are companies with different lines of business but with a common interest to find and develop commercially viable processes and products based on wood raw material or industrial residual streams. They also share a common interest to cooperate within the association in projects with the aim of finding interesting possibilities.

The Interest Association with its member meetings, seminars and project cooperation creates networks and forums for the member companies to meet, exchange ideas, create contacts and start projects.

Membership in the Processum Interest Association is vital in order to make use of and also contribute to the development in this area.

The Processum Interest Association consists of 20 member companies and owns 40 % of RISE Processum AB


















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