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Processum –Biorefinery development in close collaboration with industry from laboratory to demonstration scale for sustainable growth

 Processum is owned by RISE Research institutes of Sweden (60 %) and Processum Interest Association (40 %), and is thus a subsidiary of the RISE group. Processum is a part of division RISE Bioeconomy. The company was started in 2003 and is situated in Örnsköldsvik, Sweden. We support and initiate research and development within biorefinery. Together with other biorefinery initiatives, our cluster with partners from industry and academy constitutes an important hub for development of new products, processes and energy solutions from wood raw material and residual streams from the process industry. We cooperate with national as well as international partners.

Our competence and our pilot equipment make it possible to do development projects or produce substances for further development according to orders from different parties. We have access to large biorefinery area networks and can link new ideas with companies and academia in our networks.























RISE Processum AB
Box 70, SE-891 22
Phone: +46 10-516 67 50
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