torrefieringspiloten lgThe Processum torrefaction pilot consists of a drum built together with Bioendev’s current torrefaction plant. The main parts of the plant will then be a predrying drum and a torrefaction drum. This rebuild will raise the plant’s capacity from ca. 400 kg/day to ca. 4 tonnes/day of dry material.

When the biomaterial has been predried in the drying drum the drying itself takes place in Processum’s torrefaction drum with temperatures of 250°C to 350°C. Finally the dry material can be densificated to pellets or briquettes, e.g. in one of the SLU presses.

The pilot is placed in Bioendev’s premises in the Umeå Energi boiler plant at the Umeå University area.

For more information, please contact:
Liselotte Uhlir, tel. +46 10 516 67 62, email: liselotte.uhlir(at)

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