torkpilot 3 lgPrecision monitored drying of e.g. bark, tops, needles and stumps, energy crops, residual farming products, recycled material and industrial by-products is possible to carry out in the dryer pilot. Moist, fresh, wet and dry raw material can be used, both as regards further refinement of current products and development of new ones.

The plant situated at the SLU unit Biomass Technology and Chemistry, Röbäcksdalen, Umeå, already has suitable equipment which divides, grinds, mixes and screens for further pelletizing, briquetting, drying and combustion. One off drying trials as well as projects using the whole set of equipment from drying to finished product can be made.

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Liselotte Uhlir, tel. +46 10 516 67 62, email: liselotte.uhlir(at)

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