Dekantercentrifug databladThe decanter centrifuge separates solid material and salts from liquid sample in a continuous process. It has a wide range of possible usages, but primarily it can separate or dewater different type of sludge. the supplier has also used the centrifuge when harvesting algae. The centrifuge is intended for water based samples and in acidic as well as in alkaline conditions.

The decanter centrifuge can process up to 100 l/hour of suspensions with a high fluid content. If the sample contains a high solid content, this will lower the sample volumes per hour that can be centrifuged.I t is in all parts similar to a full size centrifuge and the results from the pilot can thus be transferred to a full size decanter centrifuge for industrial operation.

Manyprocess industries have problems to get rid of or in some way use different types of sludge or waste. The decanter centrifuge technique may be an important stage on the way to a full scale solution.

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