Our pilots facilitates upscaling

Comprehensive research and development in the biorefinery area is going on in the region with the aim to make better use of renewable raw materials for a number of products such as chemicals and fuels. The first experimental step in a research and development project is often done on a small laboratory scale in order to evaluate the validity of an idea.

In order to facilitate upscaling, Processum has a growing number of pilots for biorefinery development. The units can serve as a test plant with the aim to develop new products or improve an existing process. Depending on orientation and scale of a project, one or more of the pilots are used in different steps of the process. Apart from these there are a number of other pilots in the RISE group which also may be used to complete a project. In addition to the pilots we can run demonstration scale projects at the Biorefinery Demo Plant located in Örnsköldsvik.

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