Cellkonf1 lg90 cellulose researchers from twenty countries gathered in Örnsköldsvik on 15-16 November for presentations and discussions regarding the latest data within cellulose research. "The 7th Workshop on Cellulose, Regenerated Cellulose and Cellulose Derivatives" was organized by the universities in Umeå and Karlstad together with Domsjö Fabriker, SP Processum and MoRe Research. Karlstad University is an affiliated EPNOE member.

"This was the seventh cellulose conference of this kind and this was the second time it was held in Örnsköldsvik", says Karin Jonson, Research engineer, SP Processum. "There is great interest in development of new products from cellulose and it is an important research field, not only here in the Nordic countries but in many parts of the world. The fact that as many as 90 researchers from universities and companies participated, also from non-European countries, shows that the conference programme was important as well as appealing. What really pleased us is that 45 % of the participants represented different companies."

Cellkonf2 lg"In Örnsköldsvik we also have the possibility to organize visits at Domsjö Fabriker, MoRe Research and SP Processum, which I’m sure also contributed to the large number of participants. We have advanced cellulose production as well as leading research and equipment for development of tomorrow’s new products from cellulose. Many of the participating researchers are leading within their research fields and the conference offered possibilities to meet and establish contacts, useful for new research projects."

The programme consisted of 25 presentations. There was also the possibility to view the seven posters with information about doctoral thesis in the cellulose research field. More information about the programme can be found

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